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Welcome to DEMO 2004

Over the next week, amazing things will unfold as DEMO 2004 hosts the launch of 67 new products and technologies. Among those products are several that cause us to examine and reexamine the role of blogging as a fundamentally transformative media platform.

So, putting our words into action, we've launched this blog as the collecting point for all idea and insights, comments and critiques, reviews and reveries about DEMO 2004 and the 67 products to be unveiled on Monday, February 16.

I'm inviting the entire DEMO community-- on site with us at DEMO 2004 and following the conference from afar -- to participate in this blog as readers, commenter, and authors. (If you are interested in authoring, drop me an email at [email protected].) If you are blogging DEMO in your own blog, please let me know so that we can link to you, as well.

Stay tuned . . . this is going to be a lot of fun.


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