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Hello? Anybody there?

Telephone The Demo 2004 Conference begins on Monday morning in Phoenix. I have a hunch I'll see some new VoIP technology there. I sure hope so. We need some progress in this area as I was just reminded this morning. Rupert Goodwin in London poked a little fun at me in Rupert Goodwins' Diary. His story, dated 10/2/2004, isn't really from October like it looks. Not only do they drive on the wrong side of the road over there, but they also put their months and days backwards. Sorry Rupert, I couldn't resist. Rupert was actually very kind to me in his story which correctly pointed out that sometimes technology fails at the most embarrassing times. In this case, I was talking to his colleague, Munir Kotadia, who wanted to discuss my views about network security, Windows, Linux, Opera, and other Internet technology related topics. Munir had sent me an email and asked if we could talk. I called him in London using my packet8.net IP phone. It is generally highly reliable -- had a flawless and high quality call with Oslo, Norway this morning -- but not always. Sometimes there is a pause. Not exactly sure why. The path from the Radio Shack cordless phone to the packet8 MTA to my LAN to my hub to my cable modem to Comcast to their router to the Internet to who knows how many hops across the Net to London to a PBX to Munir's phone has a lot of possible points of failure. Possible, but not likely, it could even have been Munir's phone. (read more)



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